August 24, 2019

About books

Llama in the Moon Kingdom
It’s a magic book with story of friendship and amazing adventures.
Bright illustrations will fascinate you, and interesting characters will amuse you.
Your child learns what the main components of friendship are.

48 pages


ISBN 978-966-97903-7-8

Map constellation

Coloring at the end of the book

Bright illustration

What should I do, Milo?
Kids always ask: “What should I do?”.
Happy dog Milo knows what you should do!
Short and colorful stories about Milo is the best way to speak to your kids.
Big letters, simple words, and bright images – all for little readers in our book series ‘What should I do, Milo?’.
Let’s have fun with Milo and learn, what you should do!

56 pages


Capital letters

Three stories in one book

Simple sentences

Bright illustration